2016/10/24ICOMBOから「International Multiple Birth Awareness week」のお知らせです。

JAMBAは国際多胎支援組織協議会(International Council of Multiple BirthOrganizations:ICOMBO)の会員組織です。

そのICOMBOから「 International Multiple Birth Awareness week 」 のお知らせです。


Hello everyone,

International Multiple Birth Awareness is now less than two weeks away. Has your organisation planned any activities for the week? Please let me know if you have.

Multiples NZ and Tamba are both conducting a writing competition. At ICOMBO we are also conducting a writing competition. Could you please promote the competition in your organisation – particularly through your social media? I have attached a flyer, and the link to our webpage for the competition is http://icombo.org/international-young-writers-competition/

We would also appreciate your assistance in promoting the sale of the book Multiple Birth Siblings as Adolescents. http://icombo.org/international-awareness-week-2016/

The link to ICOMBO awareness week webpage is http://icombo.org/international-awareness-week-2016/ Feel free to use this page in any promotional activity.

I have attached a media release, for use if you have access to any media outlets. Any publicity or promotion you are able to offer to ICOMBO would be much appreciated.

Monica Rankin
ICOMBO Chairerson


flyer – writing competition.pdf
IMBAW 2016 Media release.pdf


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